Digging and collecting vinyl records as a deejay plus knowing the sound and style of beats he wanted to rhyme over opened the doors to beat making and production for M-TRI. He was introduced to production by Russell Presley, a friend who produced one of his early demos. What sparked M-TRI's interest was the way sampled music was chopped, layered, placed and put together with live instrumentation, “It was like a collage of snippets and loops to make something totally different and you could make it your own and rap over it.” He started out with a basic sampler that had no memory storage and could hold only one sample at a time. He added a 4-track tape recorder and started making beats from his family's record collections, doing the sequencing manually. M-TRI got inspiration hearing the music of Marley Marl, DJ Premier, Large Professor, DJ Muggs and Pete Rock. In 1995 he produced 4 Iza Cru's first single, “I Know Ya Style” after a friend he worked with heard one of his beat tapes. The record had a great buzz in the underground in the US and Europe. It wasn't long before he bought the famous SP 1200 sampling percussion machine and made beats for himself and some of his friends including Sabac Red who used one of his beats for Non-Phixion's demo. From 2000 to 2005 M-TRI produced a few EPs and a full length album titled, "Contradictions" for his group Zoned Out.  The year 2006 saw a new beginning when M-TRI got an MPC 2000XL and started expanding on his production.  M-TRI's debut album "Max Talkin' Real Ism" was self-produced and released in September 2009. M-TRI produced the song "Trashed" on the Sleepwalkas', "Cookie Cutter Cornballs Can't Cut It" album in 2011. He is currently doing production on the album for his group M-TRI & DJ Leecy T as well as collaborations with other artists.