Around the same time that M-TRI the emcee was born began his journey as a deejay. He was mesmerized by turntable scratching to the point where he ruined quite a few of his mother's records. His older brother saw his passion and bought him a turntable, a mixer and a drum machine. Based on his studies of Jam Master Jay, Mix Master Ice and DJ Jazzy Jeff, M-TRI taught himself the basics of scratching. A year later he was introduced to Ricky, an experienced deejay from Coney Island. The two began making demos together with M-TRI rhyming and Ricky on the turntables.  Along the way Ricky showed M-TRI more scratch patterns, how to back spin two of the same records and how to blend records. With a solid foundation from practicing all that he learned over the years, DJ M-TRI the turntablist was born. He began spinning local house parties, bars, lounges, clubs and developed his own style on the set. Over the years he has deejayed at numerous venues around NYC including Santos Party House, Planet Hollywood, Caroline's on Broadway, Supper Club, Taj, CBGB's, Don Hill's and Southpaw to name a few. Besides being a party deejay he is also a hip hop show deejay. He has toured with Sabac Red of Non-Phixion and Sleepwalkas as their official deejay. He has also deejayed for Jake Lefco, Mr. Beatz, Tah Phrum Duh Bush and Coole High. Being a turntablist, he has done scratches on recordings for hip hop artists such as Rasco, Sleepwalkas, 2 Hungry Bros, Premonition, Cobalt45, Napoleon Da Legend and Crazy Al Cayne, Black Sparx and many others.