When you think of current NYC underground hip hop and triple-threats, M-TRI tops the list. Emcee, deejay and producer, M-TRI was introduced to hip hop through graffiti and breakdancing during its golden age and has never looked back. Although graffiti and breakdancing lured him in, it was emceeing that kept him and was the gateway to deejaying and production. At a young age M-TRI developed a love for creative writing, music and comedy. The latter two were most likely because his father is a musician and stand up comedian. The more he heard hip hop records the more he leaned toward turning his creative writing into rhymes.  The testing grounds for his rhymes were ciphers in the lunchroom and schoolyard. His next stops were talent shows to eventually going to the studio and recording. In 1990 he wrote the lyrics for a hip house song titled, ”Talk About Rockin” by 2 Girls which was released on Capital Records. On his journey as an emcee M-TRI has shared the stage with artists such as Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock, Large Professor, Neek the Exotic, Grand Master Caz, Grand Wizard Theodore, Masta Ace, J-Live, M.O.P., The Beatnuts, Jedi Mind Tricks, Homeboy Sandman and many others. In 1999 he was featured on DJ Blowout's “Verse Vs Beats,” a collective of some of NYC's finest underground emcees. In 2009 he was featured on “Global Flow” by German producers Apeiron and Kinetik. The year 2009 also saw the release of his long awaited debut solo album, “Max Talkin' Real Ism” and he joined forces with DJ Leecy T. She became his show deejay and soon after they formed the group M-TRI & DJ Leecy T.
They have released videos for their singles, “Suicidal Hype Sh*T” and “The Grease” which have been featured on Video Music Box with the legendary Ralph McDaniels. They are currently working on an album set to be released fall 2012. M-TRI has collaborated on recordings with artists such as Pete Miser, Mr. Beatz, Tha Gecko Brothas, Premonition and Sleepwalkas. He has also worked at The Hip Hop Culture Center in Harlem as a mentor teaching the youth about hip hop's elements and history. You can catch music from M-TRI on the upcoming show, “NYC 22” on CBS.